Available Resources
ITMetrixx from its inception has focused on offering our clients innovative options and flexibility when it comes to resource allocation for the projects and programs on which we partner. Our structure allows us to engage resources for our clients through direct invoice from ITMetrixx, as 1099 contractors, or as fulltime employees.

We continue to push the efficiencies in management of the triple constraint (Time, Cost, Scope) by developing resource allocation customized to each client and project. We facilitate and engage resources with varying skill sets and experience including but not limited to the following: Consultants, Project Managers, Engineers, Analysts, Technicians, Administrative, and Data Entry.

We have a culture of innovation where our employees, contractors and partners can make a difference and we are always looking for like minded, dynamic individuals to join our rapidly expanding team. If you wish to submit your application, please send it via e-mail or via fax.

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